Capital Markets

Emirates NBD Asset Management

How can we differentiate your brand to become an established regional commentator?


  • To position Emirates NBD Asset Management as a leading regional asset manager, with a diverse range of funds including: MENA Equities, Real Estate, Fixed Income and Global Funds
  • To differentiate the Asset Management company from more well known¬†mother-brand, Emirates NBD Bank
  • To position the management team as regional thought leaders on topics including fund management, key sectors and the UAE/GCC economy
  • To provide 360-degree support to the Real Estate team in relation to a series of transactions, including the development of a stand-alone website

We are growing and consolidating the profile of Emirates NBD Asset Management among a range of stakeholder audiences, including the media and investors. We have prepared messaging and Q&A architecture for key spokespeople, and have organized a series of top-level media engagements, which have since been published regionally. We are working closely with the Real Estate team to develop a website for their fund, while supporting media relations activities related to recent/upcoming acquisitions and disposals. We have created a 12-month pipeline of bespoke events, which will raise the profile of the company and differentiate it from its competitors.

Emirates NBD Asset Management has been successfully positioned as a regional commentator on both industry and wider economic subjects. Our relationship with Emirates NBD Asset Management is ongoing. We have been retained to provide:

  • Media relations
  • Strategic communications
  • Online and digital communications
  • Investor relations support
  • Event support