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Interrogating assumptions to reach consumers where they are

A Muslim woman is outdoors on a sunny day. She is wearing casual clothing and a head scarf. She is standing near a road and sending a message with her smartphone.

Polarised thinking has been retreating for some time. The pandemic has served to speed up its demise, as the previously well-drawn lines separating areas of our lives have been broken down.

Gone are the days of either/or audiences. Of strict and restrictive identities. Of business or pleasure. Of work or play.

What does that mean for consumer PR? Interrogate everything you thought you knew.

The Consumer team at Instinctif Partners looks at value graphics over demographics. We examine the elements that make up the whole of a consumer’s world, bringing them together to create audience groups as complex and multi-faceted as the individuals within them.

We have heritage in driving brand growth. Helping them to run sustainably, champion change, plan for risk, and more. With this background, we dig under the surface to understand what drives consumers, where they’re found, what they want and need – and what turns them off.

We understand, and can connect with, your audience, delivering creative and strategic consumer campaigns which make a meaningful mark.


Read our latest report

We recently launched our consumer trends report. which was born out of the desire to investigate how brands can better communicate to strengthen their relationship with existing customers and win new ones.

The growth and pace of change of technology and greater options for in-the-moment interaction mean that social trends can spring up and fade away in the time it takes some brands to mobilise themselves and develop a response. This coupled with the enormous impact that a post-covid world and the cost-of-living crisis are having on consumer behaviour has led to some monumental shifts.

In our report we answer:

  • With consumers having a keener nose for “purpose-washing”, how can brands demonstrate their authenticity?
  • With 42% of Gen Z saying they tend not to trust the average company, how can brands win their trust?
  • What are the new rules of audience segmentation?
  • How should AI and data be used to drive consumer marketing initiatives?
  • How can brands combine technology-driven experiences with real life ones to optimise for engagement?
  • How can brands cut through the noise when the average person is being bombarded by up to 10,000 ads a day?
  • What’s the value of the metaverse for brands and why should you be incorporating that into your plans for next year?
  • Consumers are being more discerning about how they spend their cash. How can you ensure they spend it with you?

To learn more, download the report here.

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Instinctif offers integrated expertise spanning corporate, consumer, politics and finance.

Capital Markets

Delivering trusted Capital Markets advice in an ever-changing world.


Working with businesses to articulate purpose beyond profit, differentiate propositions and communicate their brand effectively.

Content & Design

Communicating organisations story through creative content delivered with impact across all platforms.


Delivering dynamic solutions that pique interest and drive engagement for consumers and businesses.


Understanding behaviours is essential to successfully navigate shifting consumer demands. Our research & insight team, Truth, anticipates change for commercial impact.

Public Affairs

Providing advice to guide businesses through the complex and shifting political landscape and regulatory space.


Helping organisations take a systems approach that puts people, the planet and long-term value creation at the centre of their business strategies.

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