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Campaign of the Week: ITV turns apocalyptic

Campaign of the Week: ITV turns apocalyptic

The Innovation team at Instinctif harness the best of the future to deliver market-leading ideas in the present. The team’s specialism spans digital strategy and marketing, data & analytics, and strategic brand. With the world and news agenda fast-changing around us, now’s the time to get agile in how we think and work.

This newsletter brings you the best of the week in the ‘new normal’, straight from the desk of the Innovation team.

The times they are a-changing. And so is the climate. In 2020 we’re seeing greater extremes of weather – and with them, a higher number of businesses making definitive statements on their approach to climate change.

From the big beasts (think Unilever, who has invested €1 billion in a new Climate and Nature Fund) to those who have built the circular economy into their operating models (IKEA’s ‘Buy Back‘ scheme and the first of its ‘energy positive’ stores in Australia which generates more energy than it uses), the paths taken towards increasing sustainability look different for different brands.

And now family broadcaster ITV has taken its own route, with a hard-hitting approach to communicating its stance on climate change.

To announce its goal of reaching net zero carbon by 2030, the family-focused TV channel has released a series of apocalyptic climate disaster adverts called The Shows We Never Want To Make.

The adverts take some of the broadcasters most famous shows and sets them in their familiar worlds – but these worlds are now shown to be destroyed by climate change.

This Morning becomes This Warming, showing the opening sequence of the popular daytime show made to look a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Coronation Street becomes Catastrophe Street with a storm ripping through the iconic rooftops.

Ant and Dec host Saturday Night Blown Away…well, you get the gist.

It then leaves the viewer with its promise: to bring viewers the biggest shows – with the smallest footprint.

According to ITV’s Executive Creative Director Tony Pipes, It’s easy to feel comfortable, especially when you are settling down in front of your favourite shows. But being comfortable won’t stop a climate crisis. By affecting these familiar brands, we showcase the impact this will have and hopefully drive everyone towards a carbon neutral future.

Take a look at the advert here and calculate your own carbon footprint with the WWF calculator on the ITV footprint webpage.

Technology is fleeting. We’ve seen it on Instagram Stories and Snapchat. And now Twitter and WhatsApp are joining the party. 

Twitter’s long-awaited disappearing Tweets (‘Fleets’, obviously) were rolled out last week, letting users set a 24-hour expiration on their posted content. Unfortunately for the brand, a bug crept in which allowed Fleets to be downloaded by other users without informing the original poster. Twitter responded by saying it’s working on a fix, so expect a shiny, new bug-free update soon.
Messaging platform WhatsApp’s new disappearing content feature will see new messages sent within a one-to-one or group chat automatically vanishing after seven days. NB: you need to enable the feature for each chat you want it to apply to, and those you send messages to can still screenshot them before they disappear into the ether.

This week the tip from the team comes from the Innovation team’s Account Director, Ellie Day:

It’s not often you get to lift the bonnet and peer into the inner workings of the POTUS family life and past – but an article last week in Vanity Fair let readers do just that.

The piece, written by a former school friend of Ivanka Trump, delves into the incumbent President’s daughter’s platinum-encrusted adolescence, from chauffeured limousined-13th birthday parties to illicit absconding to London for the day on Paris school trips.

It’s a world few would recognise, but a fascinating insight into Ivanka Trump’s past behaviour – and a clue as to where she may look next for her new role post-January 2021.

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