International Business Communications Consultancy

Instinctif Partners Dublin is a leading public affairs and communications consultancy, specialising in influence and engagement, in telling stories so powerful and compelling they demand a change in behaviour, emotion, and perception, whatever the audience. We pride ourselves in our ability to work with clients to safeguard their business interests and improve their competitive advantage. Our Dublin team provides a wide range of services spanning the public affairs and public relations spectrum.

Our Services

  • Communications, public affairs and media relations
  • Strategic communications
  • Media and social media outreach
  • Strategic information services
  • Trade association / coalition creation and management
  • Public affairs training
  • Political reputation management

Communications, public affairs and media relations


Direct and indirect interaction with government, political institutions and decision-makers to achieve a defined policy or legislative outcome or as part of wider communications strategy.

Strategic communications


Defining and articulating your brand and corporate positioning, developing a compelling story through messaging and corporate narrative and then identifying and engaging with your priority audiences and communities. Executed via a clear corporate communications strategy, to help meet your commercial goals. Applying our creativity and strategic skills to develop targeted and detailed implementation plans that work across the appropriate mix of corporate communications channels.

Media and social media outreach


We can design an effective communications strategy to help you deepen brand awareness, create personality, monitor sentiment and engage the media to amplify your message. Our agency professionals will show you the best methods of engagement, build your digital community and enable it to be integrated with other aspects of your communications strategy.

Strategic information services


· Issue audit services to reconcile a company's key objectives with critical policy matters

· Monitoring of public and private sources of information;

· Ad-hoc reporting to capture critical public and non-public news as and when it occurs;

· Strategic input into clients' communication deliverables

· Full issue database management service to provide a complete snapshot of all issues that affect a client and/or its market

Trade association / coalition creation and management


From identification of organisations and stakeholders with shared objectives across sectors and industries to full-service day-to-day secretariat management.

Public affairs training


By working with training companies across Europe, we provide a range of courses on all aspects of public policy representation. Beneficiaries of the training include public affairs practitioners, national government officials, company owner-managers and lawyers.

Political reputation management


All companies and organisations have a political brand: the instinctive reaction of politicians and their advisers when they come across the company or organisation. We help you create your political brand, and manage it when it is under attack or threat.

Our Work & Insights


The Instinctif Partners Dublin team comprises six highly-motivated public affairs and public relations professionals, all of whom are extremely well-versed in policymaking in Ireland, the political environment in which companies must operate to best effect change and the influence of the Irish media – national and local - on policy decisions. The team has extensive experience at EU level which acts as an effective bridgehead between decisions made at EU level impacting Ireland and vice-versa.

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