Capital Markets

Communicating your investment case

Our Capital Markets team has advised companies in global financial markets for over 25 years.

We have interconnected, dedicated teams in 15 sectors across 5 continents, offering a genuinely international perspective.

We are one of the top 5 advisers in the London market advising 64 quoted companies. We have advised over £8.3 billion of transactions in 2019.

Sectors we specialise in include: Aerospace & Transport, Consumer, Financial Institutions Group, Energy & Natural Resources, Industrials, Leisure and Hospitality, Life Sciences, Media, Private Equity, Real Estate, Technology and Telecoms.

Companies are operating in an increasingly challenging and uncertain environment, with global and volatile markets, greater and more punitive regulation, increased competition, disruptive technology change, and broad and instant news flow coupled with increased shareholder activism. Against this backdrop, more than ever they need clear, expert advice to help them cut through the noise and communicate their value proposition effectively to the audiences that they need to reach, including institutional investors, analysts and brokers, financial media and other stakeholders.

Our team works with clients to develop and communicate clear, compelling investment cases to support their results and other regular capital markets communications and major strategic events.

We combine strategic insight, deep sector expertise and capital markets experience with modern communication techniques including film, social media and voice of authority thought leadership to deliver innovative campaigns to help our clients build a distinguishable, trusted reputation in the capital markets.

Our services

  • Corporate Transactions
  • Financial Calendar
  • IPOs
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Reputation Management

Corporate Transactions


Our broad capital markets experience includes bond issues, equity and debt refinancing, fund raising, restructurings, agreed and contested mergers, acquisitions and divestitures. - Stakeholder audit - 360 stakeholder engagement - Defence Preparation - Perception Study - Transaction support/advice - Media management - Risk analysis

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Financial Calendar


Our clients strive to create value for their investors in an increasingly challenging environment. We strive to ensure their efforts are appreciated by a diverse group of audiences including investors, buy and sell-side analysts and the media. Vital to this is a structured financial calendar.

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We help clients to communicate a clear and compelling investment case to support their IPO. Most recently, in September 2020 we completed our financial communications advisory role to the initial public offer (IPO) of THG, the Manchester-based ecommerce giant. The IPO was the UK’s largest ever tech IPO and the single largest stock market flotation since 2015.

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Mergers and Acquisitions


To be successful, transactions need to be supported by a well devised and executed communications strategy. More than ever companies have to communicate a clear and compelling rationale for the deal to employees, customers, business partners, investors, the media, analysts, regulators, politicians and local communities.

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Reputation Management


Fundamental to a business’s success is its reputation. What commentators and stakeholders say about it fundamentally impacts a business. We bring the skills required to ensure that investors, analysts and the media understand the realities and dispel false perceptions.

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We have a team of financial communications professionals who bring significant experience from investment banking, journalism, social media and in-house client teams, enabling us to provide deep sector insight and capital markets expertise.  Our interconnected approach is second to none and we’re extremely proud of the success we have achieved in the financial community for our clients to date.