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November 10, 2017

Our Weekly Newsletter


At Instinctif Partners’ Financial Services Team we constantly keep our eyes peeled for the key developments taking place in the financial services space, evaluating their impact on the many businesses we represent. Here we share our picks of the week’s most interesting news, as well as our expert views.

  • Future for fintech in the ‘cloud’

Big technology companies are on their way to becoming major competitors to traditional banks. With disruption in the sector progressing unabated, cloud-computing businesses are emerging as key drivers in reshaping of how the financial services industry works. From Quartz, 1 November 2017

  • Mickey strikes back

Disney Studios have barred the LA Times newspaper from attending its preview movie screenings after the publication reported on the firm’s tax avoidance efforts. Coverage of the fallout highlights the ‘balancing act’ underpinning the relationship between corporates and the media in the name of reputation. From ARS Technica UK, 4 November 2017

  • Changing the data rules may hurt media

A series of proposed amendments to the Data Protection Bill, to bring the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation into UK law, will see UK news outlets lose many of their protections from data laws unless they sign up to the country’s state-approved press regulator. From Financial Times, 6 November 2017 

  • Challenger banks to the test

The question of why investors buy into digital banks — only to sell at the first sign of a bid — leads to a broader debate of whether individual challenger banks can succeed in their mission to upset the status quo or if consolidation is a likelier outcome for the sector. From Financial Times, 6 November 2017

  • The underlying ‘good’ message for business PR this Christmas

Many of the 2017 Christmas marketing and advertising campaigns are opting for either some kind of ‘higher purpose’ or the promotion of a merry product or value message. But which carry more weight to a business’ brand? From PR Week, 7 November 2017

We are thrilled to reveal that Instinctif Partners has made the shortlist for the 2018 Headline Money Awards’ ‘Thought Leadership Initiative of the Year’ category. We have been nominated for the work carried out for our client, the Equity Release Council recognising the quality work by our team this year in helping communicate the messages of the later life lending trade body.

The ‘Equity release rebooted’ campaign was a major milestone in the sector’s progress towards mainstream financial services. It elevated the importance of housing wealth in later life for media, regulators and political stakeholders, highlighting the role it could play in funding later life as the pension landscape changes.

The full list of shortlisted nominees and a summary of their campaigns can be found here.

The campaign was led by a White Paper and gained notable coverage in the likes of City AM, and was also mentioned in the House of Lords by Baroness Greengross in a debate on Financial Guidance and Claims Bill.

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