Investor Relations

Investor Relations

Adapting to a post MiFIDII environment with a fresh approach to IR

A number of powerful new forces are pushing issuers to rethink how they engage with investors.

Debt and equity issuers are being forced to take more control of their institutional marketing efforts.


1.  A decrease in the volume of equity research

2.  Less brokerage interest in the small / midcap universe

3.  An overstretched margin sensitive buy-side audience

We help clients deploy the latest IR strategies to ensure their equity stories are pitched directly to highly targeted audiences by formulating an IR programme that:

  • Produces more engaging investor focused collateral with excellent storytelling
  • Deploys the latest digital communications techniques
  • Enables corporates to reach investors directly


  • IR Strategy & Audit
  • Shareholder Analysis
  • Investor Targeting Algorithms
  • Perception Studies
  • Quarterly investor interaction reports
  • Governance & CSR Monitoring
  • Sell Side coverage universe


  • Equity story development
  • Developing a CSR story
  • Investor factsheets & infographics
  • Investor videos
  • Consensus management
  • Messaging & expectation management
  • Contact database clean up & monitoring
  • Support initiating paid for research


  • Investor access
  • Capital Markets Days
  • Site Visits
  • Full database management
  • Investor profiles
  • Email distribution
  • IR Board Reports
  • Engagement with Proxy advisory agencies

The reshaping of Investor Relations by powerful forces: are you ready?

As the implications of MiFID II on Investor Relations programming becomes clearer, companies need to take more direct ownership of their interaction with the market.

The decoupling of equity research and corporate access from trading commissions means traditional brokerages will no longer offer companies the same level of service they are used to. Against the backdrop of a margin sensitive buy-side that is coming to grips with the rise in passive investing, the need for effective and direct interaction with the investor community is paramount.

We have developed a comprehensive Investor Relations proposition to meet these needs. Our strategic approach helps you set achievable goals before deploying tried and tested tactics that will help you broaden and deepen your share register and ultimately help reduce your cost of capital.

The Instinctif approach brings:

investor relations capabilities