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PZ Cussons

How do we attract investors in a difficult economic environment?

Attract investors in a difficult economic environment, while broadening and strengthening analytical coverage of the stock and educating senior media commentators on the strength and depth of the company. Support a risk management programme developed as a result of issues such as social unrest in Nigeria, the Ebola outbreak, abolition of fuel subsidies, civil war, terrorism etc. Develop a sustainability platform specifically related to PZ Cussons’ use of palm oil in some of its products and its partnership with Wilmar International.

We built a global narrative and communicated a clear strategy with local relevance across all markets using collateral such as videos, infographics and websites. This narrative clearly positioned the company as an aspiring FTSE 100, British-rooted, international success story and demonstrated the power of PZ Cussons’ business model, and its operational excellence in all territories. We also showcased the strength and depth of the management team to key audiences and external stakeholders. In addition, we developed a clear strategy around palm oil and created the PZ Palm Oil Promise, setting out the company’s global commitments and action plan.

Positive messaging was delivered to key markets, negating potential external crises and highlighting the company as a well-run, well-prepared organisation. Positive media coverage was generated promoting the corporate brand and highlighting PZ Cussons’ value as a British FMCG institution. Our strategy and narrative turned PZ Cussons into a realistic entrant to the FTSE 100 in three to five years’ time. PZ Cussons’ suppliers now understand the Company’s requirements and expectations in relation to palm oil and, in return, what support they can expect from PZ Cussons.