Corporate Risk, Issues & Crisis

PZ Cussons Beauty

How do we manage localised emergency response for a global company?

With high profile acts of terrorism at an all-time high, our client wanted a new disaster recovery plan to help discharge its duty of care to employees and to protect and defend business continuity should any of its sites, globally, be affected by a serious incident.

We began the project with a risk assessment, involving the senior leadership team, to identify the priority risks facing key locations that could threaten employee safety, business continuity and/or impede an immediate response to a physical threat. This informed our gap analysis of existing procedures and enabled us to recommend the content of the disaster recovery plan.

Employing best practice, we wrote the new plan to include escalation and cascade alert processes, decision trees for evacuation and lockdown, communications and business continuity activation.

We ran a workshop for our client where we introduced the disaster recovery plan and directed its wider cascade. Through the adoption of the new plan, PZ Cussons Beauty reaffirmed its duty of care to its employees and is well placed to respond to a serious incident.