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How did we provide strategic counsel & support during a dispute with Apple?


Imagination Technologies, a leading UK developer of processors, multimedia and communications technologies, was presented with a significant challenge that required careful communications management – initially at very short notice and then subsequently over a number of months.

Apple – which has used Imagination’s technology and intellectual property for many years to form the basis of Graphics Processor Units in Apple’s phones, tablets, iPods, TVs and watches – had notified Imagination that it had developed its own graphics technologies.

As a result, Apple would no longer use Imagination’s intellectual property in its new products within two years.

Subsequently Imagination commenced a dispute resolution process with Apple.


The Instinctif Partners team worked closely with Imagination’s directors as well as the other advisors often to extremely tight deadlines to advice on Imagination’s positioning and messaging to external and internal audiences over a number of months.

Instinctif led and developed a range of communications collateral including: numerous press releases often with alternatives in order to meet regulatory and the Takeover Panel requirements; developed scripts for analyst calls; Q&As to ensure all the senior management team were fully prepared to communicate with key audiences on a very challenging scenario.

The team also drafted internal communiques to ensure clarity and consistency of messaging within the business, as well as proactively and reactively handling the huge media interest in this contentious issue.


Both Imagination’s Apple-related announcements generated a substantial volume of coverage that was broadly sympathetic and supportive of Imagination.

A number of journalists observed that Imagination had played a key role in Apple’s success and were somewhat critical of the position taken by the US tech giant.