Corporate Instinctif Partners Risk, Issues & Crisis

Premier Foods

How do we strengthen your crisis management capability?

To strengthen Premier Foods’ reputation resilience. Having put in place the essential building blocks for good corporate decisions and behaviours in risk, issue and crisis management, they needed to embed the procedures across its business.

We conducted a series of training workshops, combining desk-based learning with practical exercises to enhance understanding and accountability of the procedures, while at the same time identifying any opportunities for improvement.

  • To date, this has included three crisis simulation exercises, based on scenarios that required Group Crisis Management leadership, as well as involvement – risk assessment, escalation, information gathering, internal coordination – from multiple business units and sites.
  • The exercises also required considerations and actions around external communications, such as media and social media management.

Our rolling programme continues with scenario-based, real-time crisis simulation exercises at both group and site level, providing an opportunity to rehearse and stress-test the company’s processes and people under challenging but secure conditions.