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Paper Cup Alliance

PAPER CUP ALLIANCE – How did we help challenge misconceptions surrounding the use of disposable paper cups?


With the use of disposable beverage cups a contentious issue, an alliance of UK manufacturers of paper cups wanted help to restore the reputation of the paper cup.

Furthermore, they needed to prepare a robust response to the UK Parliament’s Environmental Audit Committee in a bid to avoid a levy being applied to their use.


We developed a clear communications strategy which included identifying key influencers and combining this with tailored messaging.

We facilitated proactive outreach with politicians, parliamentarians and national media to rebut misinformation and make the case for paper cups.

Engaged with five paper reprocessors to align core messaging while simultaneously raising awareness of the UK’s recycling capabilities.

Composed a “myth-busting” rebuttal campaign directed at media outlets and influencers who are referencing incorrect facts about disposable paper cups


To date the government has chosen not to impose a levy on paper cups and remains in favour of industry action to increase recycling rates.

The Paper Cup Alliance has since been invited to provide the industry viewpoint on disposable paper cups in countless press and broadcast interviews.