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How do we launch your communications journey?

OTTCO, a subsidiary of the state-owned Oman Oil Company, had never engaged in formal communications activities. Our role was to develop a 360-degree communications strategy from the ground up. The challenge we set ourselves was to successfully establish OTTCO’s reputation among key local and international stakeholders, as a building block for future growth.

We started work with OTTCO from the ground up. We developed a full set of communications tools, including their Vision, Mission & Values, which were created in partnership with our London colleagues.

We conducted an internal, local and international stakeholder audit. We delivered a comprehensive global marketing strategy and ran a workshop in Singapore for the global oil trading community. We developed a first class corporate website, a highly sophisticated 3D animated film and a corporate brochure.

In the course of our relationship with OTTCO, we supported their media relations activities. The company has made a number of important announcements, including the launch of their 2 million barrel floating storage facility in Muscat, Oman – an interim solution ahead of the commissioning of the Ras Markaz Crude Oil Park, which, when complete, will be one of the world’s largest crude oil storage facilities.

OTTCO has made excellent progress in developing a strong corporate profile. The company is forging important relationships with local and international stakeholders. OTTCO is increasingly well-known among key industry and media opinion leaders.

OTTCO’s strategic importance for regional and international energy transit security is more understood by target audiences, who have taken a close interest in the progress and development of both floating storage and Ras Markaz Crude Oil Park. This year, we will exploit our foundational work of 2015, as we help OTTCO position itself in front of potential customers, regional and international governments and its many stakeholder groups in Oman.

We have been retained by OTTCO to deliver a full communications programme and to continue the development of the company’s profile among partners, customers, investors, and government institutions.