Risk, Issues & Crisis

Leading UK sandwich chain

How did we develop a crisis procedure suitable for all internal stakeholders?


This fast-growing, leading sandwich chain recognised that, although culturally it had few procedures, its scale now meant a crisis management process was required.

This had been brought into focus by the Borough Market terrorist incident and numerous smaller events which had been dealt with by the CEO rather than at a more appropriate level.


The client team first completed CrisisOptic, which confirmed the gaps. We then ran a series of internal workshops to drill into the detail and secure cross-functional buy-in.

Using this insight we recommended a risk and crisis management structure working at HQ and shop level, then wrote a crisis management procedure sitting under it.

The next steps are to embed the procedure and test it via a simulation exercise.


One of the attendees of the stakeholder workshops reported that it was cathartic to be talking about risk – as it hadn’t been done before and he had been worrying about it.

The company accepted our recommendations for the risk and crisis management structure and procedure.

Development of the roll-out plan is now underway.