Corporate Risk, Issues & Crisis

UK Discount Supermarket

How did we improve a leading UK discount supermarket’s strategic and operational crisis management response?


COVID-19 presented this leading discount supermarket with its first national crisis, affecting every aspect of its business. 

Following the UK’s first national lockdown, the supermarket wanted us to identify how it could improve its strategic and operational response to future crises of this scale.


We conducted an in-depth qualitative review of the supermarket’s response to COVID-19, comprising 

  • A review of its crisis management documentation 
  • Interviews with corporate, office and store-level employees 
  • A RAG-rating of its response against key areas of crisis management

We presented our findings to senior management and facilitated a workshop to prioritise next steps.


We were asked to develop a new structure for, and approach to, crisis management. 

The plan we created was used by the supermarket to successfully manage further national disruption caused by the pandemic and the UK’s exit from the EU, ultimately driving commercial benefit and strengthening its position with competitors.