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British Institution

How can we optimise a re-design to drive commercial value?


To understand how a British Institution could utilise an architectural re-design to play a more active role in the London landscape; one which is more visible, accessible, and welcoming.


We utilised our knowledge and understanding of how public needs, behaviours and attitudes are evolving, to help our client identify opportunity areas through stakeholder engagement, overlaid with a series of member and public consultations. Through this, we were able to unlock needs with regards to performance, educational values, tourism and cultural engagement. We deployed a range of engagement techniques that enabled the development of opportunity spaces for our client in terms of how, when, and what would drive more frequent visitation and deeper participation.


The next evolution of the building sees an offer that reaches more people, more of the time. We were able to implement a strategy that sees this institution be more visible, more economically sustainable, more revealing, more playful and more fun – without compromising its strong heritage in the process.