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How do we deliver a successful float in challenging IPO markets?

To build Hastings’ profile with business media and to leverage the resulting awareness and relationships to effectively convey Hastings’ equity story through an IPO in highly challenging markets and a busy sector. To manage communications around specific issues relating to the business.

Managed communication of quarterly results in lead up to IPO to convey Hastings’ key messages and to highlight continued strong performance. Worked with Hastings, Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse to develop a compelling story and build this through the analyst and investor presentations, prospectus and ITF. Managed all media engagement including dealing with specific media issues.

Against a backdrop of extremely challenging markets and in competition with several other significant IPOs, Hastings achieved a successful IPO, achieving a market capitalisation of £1.1bn and going straight into the FTSE 250 Index.

“Instinctif has been a core part of our advisory team leading up to, during and since the IPO. The team understands our business, provides straightforward advice to our Colleagues and brings a complementary mix of skill sets to support and supplement our own team.”
– Hastings Digital & Marketing Director, Nicola Charles