Risk, Issues & Crisis

Greene King

How did we test the UK’s leading brewer and pub operator’s recall readiness and communications procedures?


Facilitate Greene King’s annual, multi-stakeholder simulation exercise programme, designed to:

  • test communication between three sites
  • put the Customer Services team through its paces
  • stress test the crisis procedure and team
  • rehearse decision-making and route cause investigation
  • check the efficiency of the company’s cascade alert system

Observe each exercise as it unfolds and facilitate the “lessons learned” debrief at the end, typically for a total of 40+ participants.

Write the follow-up report, summarising lessons learned and required improvements.


Instinctif Partners has facilitated three multi-stakeholder, role-played simulation exercises to date for Greene King, all using realistic and convincing technical food safety scenarios.

The first exercise, delivered in 2016, tested knowledge of the updated product recall manual and recall procedures across two of the company’s sites.

The second and third exercise, in 2017 and 2018, were conducted across three sites, and tested the efficiency of the recently developed cascade communications alert system.

We are about to facilitate a fourth exercise to check lessons learned previously have been implemented and newcomers are familiar with the procedure.


All exercises have run smoothly, with Instinctif Partners’ facilitators successfully coordinating inputs from a team of role-players, following the actions of a large number of participants (both on and off-site), and drawing out objective analysis during the debrief session.

In our follow-up reports we provide valuable insights for the  improvement of the crisis procedure as well as capturing all the lessons identified on the day by participants.