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How do we launch your unique brand into new markets?

Launch the business in the US market, outlining its growth potential for investors, as well as differentiating it from similar US-based businesses. Following the launch, build the company’s profile amongst the business, technology and financial communities on both sides of the Atlantic.

Our strategy showcased the company’s culture of innovation and highlighted the impact was having within its industry. We developed a clear set of key messages, media trained spokespeople and developed the media engagement programme. We also ensured that graze was involved in the right networking and education programmes, awards and conferences.

“Instinctif Partners were instrumental in securing opportunities for us across the business and financial media which has ultimately led to graze being one of the hottest award winning technology companies in the UK right now.”
– Anthony Fletcher, CEO,

Shortlisted for “Best Web-based Business” at SABRE Awards EMEA 2015