Risk, Issues & Crisis

Global food manufacturer

How did we stress-test a global food company’s recall procedures?


In order to initiate a genuine reaction and truly stress-test the company’s decision-making skills and incident management process, our client asked us to develop a bespoke simulation exercise that would be delivered to the Recall Team without them knowing it was a fictional scenario


We worked with two insiders at the company to develop a realistic scenario with live data and drafted scripts for them, ensuring that specific actions would be triggered throughout the course of the day.

We also identified areas where there was a risk the situation may ‘go external’ (e.g. wider than the Recall Team) and unintentionally spark Corporate-level concern, leading us to brief key select stakeholders to ensure the simulation remained contained.


Once we announced the situation was indeed a fictional scenario, we held a debrief session to feed back our observations on the Recall Team’s decision-making, escalation and communication management skills. We also compiled a follow-up report with recommendations on how our client could further enhance its approach to incident management.

Since then our client has instructed us to progress with our key recommendation: to develop a recall toolkit that facilitates effective decision-making, especially at times when not all information is present.