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Dogs Trust

How do we introduce new legislation around exporting dogs?

How can we raise awareness of the horrendous treatment of Irish greyhounds abroad and ensure that pressure is put on policy makers to  amend or introduce legislation to prevent the export of Irish greyhounds to countries where the animal welfare standards are below that of in Ireland?

We worked with Dogs Trust to draft a Private Members Bill to prevent the export of Irish greyhounds to countries with poor welfare standards.  This allowed us to undergo a strategic lobbying campaign targeting relevant Government Departments, Ministers, Oireachtas Committee members and other stakeholders to support our Bill.

Our advocacy efforts have led to the Private Members Bill being introduced to the Dáil by a TD and passing to Second Stage. Due to our engagement on the issue, Dogs Trust were invited to appear before an Oireachtas Committee on a separate Government Bill relating to greyhounds. This appearance led to the inclusion of a recommendation to amend the Government Bill to include the same wording used in our Private Bill, that would prevent Irish greyhounds being exported to countries where the welfare standards are poor.