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How have we differentiated a company and attracted investors in a highly competitive industry?


AVI is home to 50 of South Africa’s leading household brands. The Group’s portfolio spans key categories including beverages, snacks, frozen convenience foods, out-of-home ranges, personal care products and fashion apparel. AVI compete in a highly competitive market which includes a number of other listed businesses vying within the same pool of institutional investors.

Articulating the management team’s commitment to consistently deliver high growth for shareholders, whilst maintaining a muted public profile, meant that a different approach was required to manage relations with the investment community and financial media in particular.


Over the past 15 years, we have supported AVI with a full Investor Relations programme specific to their needs, which consists of investor targeting, regular management roadshows and managing relationships with institutional shareholders and retail stockbrokers.

In addition, we act as the main conduit for the South African financial media, and monitor and report on local market sentiments and industry issues.


Our work culminated in a well thought-out and executed financial PR programme which matched the management team’s approach to business, without compromising on the awareness of the company amongst stakeholders.

This is reflected in a strong international shareholder base and loyal local shareholder register. The consistent messaging of the investment case throughout our time working with AVI not only enhanced credibility in the market but also established AVI as the preferred stock in its sector with a carefully thought through media profile.