How can we deliver a report with a narrative around a successful year?

Against the backdrop of an incredibly productive year for Creston, our challenge was to create a reporting suite that delivered a strong narrative outlining the significant progress that Creston is making in implementing its five year strategic plan.

Our key objective was to create a content strategy for their reporting that would be effective both in print and online, to support Creston’s leadership in a marketplace with an increasing focus on digital implementation.

Working closely with Creston, we developed the content strategy with digital at the forefront. This approach enabled us to define impactful messaging and a clear structure for the online report.

We implemented a one-page HTML site, with horizontal carousel techniques to allow the extended narrative to unfold in specific digestible sections.

We also used intuitive functionality to allow users to navigate the site quickly. The report also fits with the wider Creston ecosystem linking to further detail around the power of their offer and the calibre of results delivered for their clients.

The feedback and data we have captured has been very positive and useful, and underlines our ability to harness the latest trends in this space. Creston was delighted with its effectiveness and how the online version of the report works in harmony with the printed version, fulfilling the audience’s need to digest key content quickly and coherently.

Awarded SILVER for “Best Online Report (AIM/Small Cap)” at Corporate & Financial Awards 2016