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How do we Introduce a new CEO to Investors and Employees?

To launch the new CEO to both employees and key financial audiences promptly upon the long-term and well-planned retirement of the founding CEO. The new CEO needed to establish himself and his new management team with staff around the world in 11 locations, as well as ensuring the City heard him lay out his strategy directly and understood his plans for the business.

We recommended that Clinigen host its first ever Capital Markets Day led by the new CEO to lay out the evolved strategy to financial audiences, just ahead of taking over. We also recommended the CEO lead on two films for employees, one with employees’ interaction and the other with senior management’s contribution. The core interlinked messages were refined for both audiences; the presentation and two films were worked up and extensively rehearsed over a very short timeframe.

A very successful Capital Markets Day; effectively ‘launching’ the new CEO and his senior team in front of a City audience of 100. The key messages clearly resonated, reflected by wholly positive analyst notes. The event highlighted the value of the CEO, outlining his vision with his senior team alongside. With the two videos for the staff, they saw and heard from the new CEO first hand, answering employees’ questions, leading into the presentation of the operation plans by the senior management.