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How do we campaign for change in long-standing, legacy processes?

Aviva wanted to prove its commitment to reducing the cost of motor insurance for consumers by promoting its views on how the claims process could be reformed regarding whiplash injury and car repairs.

We used our ability to analyse and communicate complex and sensitive business issues to produce a campaign that would inform and resonate with a range of audiences from consumers to politicians. We conceived and launched two ‘Road to Reform’ reports, a year apart, as centrepieces of a campaign for Aviva to take an industry-leading position on reform of motor insurance claims processes. The reports blended Aviva, industry and consumer research data, with the first setting out what Aviva recommended should be done with a calculation of its potential financial benefit, and the second charting the progress of the campaign.

The campaign resulted in a highly successful media and public affairs profile for Aviva, allowing it to set the industry agenda and change opinion on a key area of reform. Extensive news coverage included 35 national and 40 broadcast pieces, including the launch becoming a rolling BBC news story. The campaign gained serious response within the industry, gave Aviva a voice of authority in the industry debate and has contributed to meaningful reform being implemented.

Our work with Aviva was awarded Thought Leadership Initiative of the Year at the Headlinemoney Awards 2017. Read more here, or watch 0ur animation here.