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Autogas Ltd

AUTOGAS LTD – How did we change London government’s perceptions of alternative fuel, persuading policymakers of its effectiveness as an air quality solution?


Despite being a Government-approved low emission solution for black cabs, LPG fuel was not seen by the Greater London Authority or TfL as part of the future fuels mix in London. Indeed, at a Mayor’s Question Time in March 2018, the Mayor stated that he would be “unlikely” to look at a funding scheme to help taxi drivers switch to LPG. The UK’s largest automotive LPG supplier – Autogas Ltd – wanted to change these perceptions and see a favourable policy framework introduced for LPG use in London.


We worked closely with Autogas Ltd and the wider LPG industry to develop an evidence-based case for LPG as an affordable, transitional solution for London’s taxis – one which complemented the Mayor’s long-term goal to transition to zero emission vehicles. This involved surveying London black cab drivers’ views of LPG, assessing their appetite to switch with the right signals from the Mayor’s office.

We engaged with the Mayor’s Office and key officials and advisors across TfL and the GLA, presenting the case and persuading them of the benefits of LPG.


After an extensive programme of engagement, in December 2018, the Mayor of London and TfL announced a £2.5million fund to help drivers of Euro 5 taxis to convert to “much cleaner LPG fuel”.