Corporate Healthcare & Life Sciences Public Policy


How do we raise awareness of the value of a personalised diagnostic test to multiple stakeholders?


To raise awareness of the clinical and economic value of Agendia’s breast cancer recurrence test MammaPrint® in a highly competitive marketplace, and ahead of health technology assessment (HTA) decisions.

MammaPrint is a diagnostic test that can predict the chances of the cancer recurring in patients with early-stage breast cancer. It informs individual patient treatment options, and whether they can safely forego chemotherapy. The 70-gene-based test is approved for use in US and Europe.


Building on newly published clinical trial results, we provided strategic communications input and created an integrated, multi-channel, awareness-raising campaign for MammaPrint. targeting key international and local audiences.

Working in English, German and Dutch, we engaged with internal and external stakeholders globally including healthcare providers, patient organisations, and regional policy-makers.

High impact messaging reinforced key findings of the pivotal clinical trial, a 10-year study involving almost 7,000 women with early stage breast cancer. Our activities focused the proven benefits of MammaPrint, and highlighted its positive potential impact for patients and healthcare systems globally. 


Strong media traction with broad international, national and trade media coverage resulting from strategic news announcements, including peer presentation of breakthrough clinical trial outcomes, inclusion in updated medical guidelines, patient stories and expert interviews.

Expanded stakeholder engagement with healthcare providers, patient organisations and policy-makers directly leading to increased awareness and recognition of the value of MammaPrint.

Commercial benefits for Agendia included significant increase in the number of tests ordered during the course of the campaign in key territories.