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Instinctif Partners Africa Honours Mandela Day

Instinctif Partners Africa Honours Mandela Day

Instinctif Partners Africa honoured the recent Mandela Day by spending time at the Tlangelani Creche in Cosmo City.  The team undertook some renovations to provide a safer, more engaging environment for the children aged between 1 and 5 as well as much needed equipment, educational items and toys.  A sustainable vegetable garden was also created to help the Creche with developing nutritional meals for the children and the staff.

The environment in which children grow up plays an important role in their cognitive and psychosocial development. According to The Early Childhood Development (ECD) report by Stats SA, 50% of children from lower income households unfortunately do not have access to early childhood education. As such, throughout their educational lifecycle, these children risk falling behind learners that would have benefitted from early learning and development initiatives.

“We feel privileged to support an organisation such as ASHA Trust and their partner, Tlangelani Creche, in facilitating access to good quality childcare in an engaging, nurturing and stimulating learning environment.  Greater emphasis must be placed on development, especially during a child’s formative years. Reports suggest that during the first five years, learning is at its fastest rate when compared to any other time in one’s life.  These children are the future of our wonderful country and we want to provide them with a great foundation that will create possibilities in their future.”  said Deanne Chatterton, CEO at Instinctif Partners Africa.

IPA’s passion for education – especially early childhood development – can be seen in its support of a range of sustainable learning and educational initiatives that empower the youth.  Through its partnership with ASHA Trust – a non-profit organisation that has several early childhood development centre beneficiaries – IPA offers support to a Johannesburg home-based creche in need each year.

“We are delighted by the ongoing support offered by donors such as Instinctif Partners Africa in facilitating quality early childhood care and developing education facilities at home-based creches. Quality day-care is a critical enabler in improving the physical and intellectual development of underprivileged children to ensure that they are also able to compete, with confidence on a global stage.  We encourage more businesses to become actively engaged in addressing social challenges to enable our children and country to realise the growth potential,” said Deirdre Caulwell, Director at ASHA Trust.

“A big thank you to the Instinctif Partners Africa team for their generous donations and for spending the day giving our creche a much-needed facelift.  We cannot wait to see the expression on the children’s faces when they experience the renovated facilities and make use of the new toys and equipment,” said Maria Masango, Founder at Tlangelani Creche.

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