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XL Catlin

How do we give you the competitive edge?

XL Catlin offers insurance for accidental and malicious product contamination and extortion demands for the food and drink, food service, automotive, pharmaceutical and consumer durables sectors. Knowing financial protection is only part of the answer for clients facing a product recall, XL Catlin wanted to add value for policyholders by helping them to predict and prevent problems before they arise, prepare for the worst, and protect brand and reputation in a crisis.

We helped them launch Response XL Catlin, a dedicated service for policyholders providing access to specialist risk, issues and crisis management consultancy at two key stages: pre-incident preparedness and live crisis response. From strengthening systems and process, to crisis simulation training and 24/7 on-call support, we help XL Catlin’s clients minimise harm to people, property and their reputation through Response XL Catlin.

Response XL Catlin is the world’s most comprehensive resource network available through product contamination insurance. Policyholders benefit from our best-practice advice, helping companies to reduce risk and respond more effectively to crises.