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How do we differentiate an equity story from your competitors?

As a young company with a relatively low media profile, a key challenge was to clearly position the bank and differentiate its equity story from that of the other ‘challenger banks’ ahead of a planned IPO.

Several other challenger banks had pulled their IPOs a few months beforehand and one competitor re-launched its IPO at a lower valuation during the process, which compounded the need for Shawbrook to differentiate itself from the competition.

We spent considerable time understanding the business, attending drafting meetings for the analyst presentation and contributing to the development of the equity story and wider business cases both within the presentation and the prospectus.

Our Content & Creative team developed a series of films that brought ‘the bank and its culture into the room’ and profiled customer testimonials to highlight Shawbrook’s customer-centric approach.

Further films and an investor microsite were developed to support ITF communications with employees, business partners and customers.

We provided counsel around key strategic decisions which had a major impact on the success of the IPO.

The IPO was a success, pricing near the top of its range to achieve an initial market capitalisation of £725m with very good coverage of the book.

The market has received the bank positively with shares currently trading at a premium to the IPO price.

We achieved good, supportive media coverage which highlighted many of the key messages, clearly communicating the bank’s values and highlighting the quality of the loan book, whilst minimising potential negative commentary around specific issues, in line with our strategic advice.

Film and digital content was also well received by all audiences, including staff and customers who were eager to know what the IPO meant for them and the business.

Since the IPO, Instinctif has continued to advise Shawbrook, including advising the group through the appointment of a new Chairman and a new CEO, as well as a further sell-down by its private equity backers.

The team at Instinctif gave clear, unambiguous advice and support throughout the IPO and continue to do so. They went the extra mile to deliver when it really counted and we are excited to be working with them as we enter the next stage in Shawbrook’s growth story.
– Steve Pateman, Chief Executive Officer.

Awarded GOLD for “Best IPO Communications 2015” by Communicate Magazine

Awarded SILVER for “Best Management of Investor & Analyst Relations” at Corporate & Financial Awards 2016