Risk, Issues & Crisis

Global Chemicals Company

How do we provide crisis support for a global chemicals company?


A chemical leak at one of its sites in the US saw our client receive significant negative media attention.

Although there were no reported injuries, the leak prompted environmental concerns and resulted in major traffic disruption (seven hour tail back on the highway next to the site), over the Thanksgiving weekend.


We advised our client as the situation developed, preparing and updating media statements to help them take control of the narrative and demonstrate an effective response.

We developed an extensive Q&A document for reactive use with media and public enquiries, ensuring clear and concise responses that reassured the community.

Over the three days of significant media interest we provided extensive communications advice on media handling, involving key messages and stakeholder engagement.



Our 24/7 live crisis response service ensured that the client’s communications lead (who is UK-based) could respond quickly and effectively despite the incident occurring overnight in the UK.

We were able to help our client defuse the intensity of the incident and neutralise the media coverage.

Our client engaged proactively with the media, keeping them informed while remaining in control of the incident.