Risk, Issues & Crisis

Global Chemicals Company

How do we provide crisis support for a global chemicals company?


The rapid growth of this global chemicals company meant it had crisis procedures that were no longer fit for purpose.

A more sophisticated and formalised approach was required, which befitted the scale and market prominence of the business; reflected diligence requirements and created a practical and consistent best practice approach


Instinctif Partners created a new, broader crisis framework, which integrated risk management, emergency response and business continuity procedures, and established governance and ownership.

An enhanced crisis manual was designed, providing clear guidance for identifying, pre-empting and responding to a crisis with tools and templates to facilitate rapid response.

This was rolled-out with a bespoke training programme, fully embedding it into the organisation, alongside protocols for regular review of the framework.


The new framework, procedures and manual, supported by our 24/7 crisis support service, have allowed our client to respond quickly and effectively to live incidents – protecting its corporate reputation.