Corporate Instinctif Partners Public Policy


How do we transform perceptions to create a new viable solution to South Africa’s energy crisis?

Position Karpowership as a viable medium-term solution to South Africa’s energy shortages and move stakeholders from unbelievers to endorsers. The perception of Karpowership was as an unrealistic alternative and not the solution that South Africa should be considering. The company needed to convince stakeholders, decision-makers within the energy sector, the media and the general public of its true benefits.

We organised several major press engagements giving press the opportunity to engage directly with media, with the aim of transforming their understanding of what powerships are and how they would benefit the economy. Utilising local economic expertise, we were also able to help Karpowership build a solid economic case by positioning the company as a medium term energy supplier and educating identified stakeholders on the Powerships could be deployed quickly to provide baseload power.

Powerships have been viewed as a viable solution for South Africa’s energy shortage by the national media and allocations for powerships were made in October 2015 updates of government’s independent Power Producers Plan.

“Instinctif Partners has proved to be a valuable and trusted communications partner for Karpowership. They have provided key and strategic insight that has assisted in positioning Karpowership not only as a potential solution for South Africa’s medium-term energy challenges but also throughout the continent. Their relationship with the media, government institutions and other key sector influencers have been indispensable to us and it continuously benefits our strategic engagement initiatives. They have played a key role in our success, and I am happy to recommend them”.
– Paddy O’Driscoll: Sales Director, Commercial Operations, Karadeniz Holdings