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Jupiter Asset Management

How do we use corporate storytelling to raise awareness for your brand?

Position Jupiter as one of the leading UK boutiques in Germany, Austria and Switzerland whilst creating awareness and interest in Jupiter Asset Management’s corporate strategy in Germany with key international advisories. Jupiter had a very low media and online presence in Germany, Austria and Switzerland compared to competitive, independent boutiques.

We provided strategic advice to define the corporate story and promotion of product range. Once the corporate story was defined, we organised speaking opportunities and 1:1s with spokespeople in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and held press round tables with the Vice Chairman Edward Bonham-Carter in Frankfurt, Munich, Vienna and Zurich to raise Jupiter’s profile. We also hosted an exclusive event at Oktoberfest in Munich to introduce selected journalists to Jupiter’s sales team. Our programme of activity was underpinned by regular distribution of press releases and market commentaries to target media as well as sales road shows and interviews.

The programme was a success and the first stage of Jupiter’s growth strategy targets across Germany, Austria and Switzerland were achieved. The media quickly became a strategic partner for Jupiter and there was a steady stream of positive coverage generated across key markets with regular communication about markets, investment strategy and products.