Risk, Issues & Crisis

International Leisure Products Manufacturer

How did we guide an international product recall?

The company started receiving consumer complaints about a globally-distributed product that was intended to prevent the build-up of condensation inside swimming goggles.

A few consumers suffered significant discomfort and eye damage, requiring urgent medical treatment and several days away from work.

Testing revealed that the product ingredients had been contaminated during manufacturing.

To meet the immediate need we helped draft a family of personal responses to individual complaints, requiring a delicate balance of sympathy, apology and explanation.

Our technical partner network provided specialist legal advice and risk assessment to help guide interactions with regulatory authorities (e.g. EU RAPEX notification).

We drafted media statements for media and social media, and provided strategic advice to help ensure the recall was communicated effectively via retailers and specialist swimming media in all countries where the product had been sold.

Thanks to prompt, sincere and empathetic communications with consumers, even the more seriously affected cases responded favourably to the company’s explanations compensation offers.

At the time of writing the company had avoided adverse media or social media commentary about the case, and had gained valuable experience in how to deal with a similar situation in future.