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European Food Safety Authority

How do we facilitate better collaboration between European Member States during a crisis?

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has a statutory obligation to hold a crisis training exercise every year. We won the tender to devise and deliver a four-year training strategy involving all 27 EU Member States and EC representatives working at the cutting edge of European food safety preparedness.

We undertook a programme of extensive research to ascertain EFSA’s overt and underlying requirements. We established a training strategy based on the opportunity to enhance and consolidate effective collaboration, to help EFSA facilitate a new level of dialogue and best practice sharing in the fast moving field of rapid risk assessment.

Using the strategy, we developed the training programme combining a range of working-group and plenary sessions based on several technically-detailed food safety scenarios.

We have now successfully delivered four 1.5-day interactive training workshops for over 40 delegates including food safety risk assessors from EU Member States, EC representatives from the G4 Unit of DG SANCO, the FAO and ECDC. As a result we have subsequently delivered specific training workshops for EU Neighbouring Countries and the Baltics.