Capital Markets Corporate


How can we help position your business as established and diverse?

We delivered integrated communications strategy that encompasses corporate reputation, media relations, media training, digital support and events management, in addition to supporting ECC with all content development and strategic business communications consulting.

Our strategy was to position ECC as one of the most established and diverse contracting companies in the region, offering unified construction services through its integration with ECC Group.  We have carried out several local and regional media engagement activities. ECC has  achieved great visibility and has forged solid relationship with its media partners as a result of these activations.

Achievements from January to June 2017 include 88 pieces of coverage in top-tier publications, 55 million online readership, 844,000 estimated coverage views ​and 1,889 social shares​. We have also developed a thought leadership platform for ECC, strengthening their already excellent reputation, while adding value to their daily operations.