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EBAY – How do we re-engage a global community around a new vision?

eBay wanted to re-energise multiple and very different cultures while creatively reimagining the company they wanted to be. They needed to focus their strategy, be bold, brave and give their stakeholders a reason to believe in the company again.

We took eBay back to their roots – the thing that made them special when they first started – the community. We crafted a new company narrative ‘We are eBay and we are everything because of you’. We developed the #weareebay campaign to celebrate their 20th anniversary on social, mobile,, via word of mouth and engaging influencers and stakeholders across the globe.

There is a now a clear understanding of the new proposition and strategy. The #weareebay community celebration generated over 100 million impressions, 2 million interactions and over 200,000 posts. eBay have seen the number of active buyers increase by 5% to 163 million, a record for the business. Following our campaign, the GMV (total amount of products traded) increased by 5% and the number of active sellers reached an all-time high.