Instinctif Partners

Direct Line Group

How do we inspire 11,000 people to help fix things for their customers?


Direct Line Group needed to change its brand promise: to offer simple insurance and fix problems without hassle. They launched TV adverts with “The Fixer” Winston Wolf (Harvey Keitel). Now they needed their workforce to come on board.


We devised a year-long programme. We identified and enlisted the company’s influencers, who were empowered to come up with ways to bring the new brand promise to life. After test running their ideas through immersive experiences, we supported them in instilling the core values of insurance that simply works: taking responsibility, getting things sorted and making it easy.


A significant increase in customer and job satisfaction.

This is what one sales consultant had to say: “I have noticed many of my customers will now thank me for my time, patience or help and it’s said with sincerity in their voices. It makes me feel like I have actually provided a service for them and I get that job satisfaction that I was lacking before.”