Instinctif Partners Public Policy


How do we initiate public acceptance around a legislative change?

Through legislative change, create a positive commercial environment in Ireland for low carbon fuels in a market dominated by fossil fuel.

We ran a national campaign to secure a country-wide ban on the burning of smoky coal from 2013-2015, which culminated in the announcement of a country-wide ban to be introduced in Ireland for the 2017 fuel season.  The campaign necessitated engagement with Government Departments, elected representatives at National, EU and Local Council level, SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland), health professionals, consumer NGOs, industry associations, the Irish Farmers Association and the Irish press.  It also required significant levels of research into the health and air quality impacts of the burning of smoky coal and the production of clear data on how a switch to low carbon fuels would impact same.  In tandem with this campaign, we appealed to and received in Budget 2014 an exemption from the Irish carbon tax for the biomass portion of low carbon fuels (awaiting enactment).  This required a significant lift with the Department of Finance, the Revenue Commissioners and the National Standards Authority of Ireland and was granted in the fact of tangible opposition from the solid fuel sector in Ireland.

Minister for the Environment Alan Kelly announced his intention to introduce a country-wide ban on the burning of smoky coal for the 2017 heating system.  This ban will create a market for cleaner alternatives to coal, including those produced by our client.  This in turn has resulted in our client seeking and receiving planning permission for a low carbon fuel manufacturing plant which will ultimately manufacture as much as 350,000 tonnes of low carbon fuel, for supply not only to the Irish market but also for export.