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Brunel University

How do we dispel inaccurate perceptions surrounding your brand?

Our client was keen investigate the possibility of outdated and inaccurate perceptions of the University being held by some of its key stakeholders and what they might be. We were commissioned to undertake a perception and reputational analysis with the aim of identifying strengths and weaknesses across areas including positioning, brand and reputation.

The first stage of the project involved interviewing a wide range of internal and external stakeholders on topics relating to the University’s reputation and communication abilities. We then prepared an extensive report which analysed the replies and provided clear recommendations as to how the University could better tell its story and differentiate itself. Workshops and focus groups were then held to determine how the report’s recommendations could be turned into refreshed messaging and a new visual identity.

A new brand platform was created, ranging from narrative and tone of voice guidelines through to graphic language and visual identity. Feedback on this from focus groups covering the University’s stakeholders was vastly positive.

 “The branding project has perfectly captured the spirit of the University.”
– Professor Julie Buckingham, Vice-Chancellor & President of Brunel University