How can we deliver improved sustainability reporting practices?


We were appointed by Bee’ah to provide strategic consultancy for the company’s sustainability strategy and reporting practices.

As an environmental waste management company, it was important to adhere to the clear distinction between the services that they provide and the sustainability element of how they deliver their services. The latter being the required material for the report.

We provided 360-degree support to Bee’ah’s senior management and communications teams, and collaborated in the development and production of their 2014 Sustainability Report.

Using a structured methodology with clear deliverables and pre-approved timeline, we enabled the team to gather, collate and provide the required analytics and supporting documents.

The report was then drafted according to GRI guidelines and reporting principles.

The report was developed in accordance with global best practice for sustainability reporting, including adherence to GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) criteria.

We advised Bee’ah on GRI compliance, and executed an in-depth study of their sustainability practices and reporting methods.

Our mandate included the development of 100% of the report’s content.