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How do we create awareness for a significant investment opportunity?

Our objective was to highlight AGCO’s position as global leader in agricultural manufacturing and parent company behind Massey Ferguson, Challenger, Fendt, GSI, and Valtra. Our role covers strategic communications and media relations throughout Europe, North America, Africa and Asia Pacific.

Developing AGCO’s corporate story as an industry leader and Fortune 500 member, we have established relationships with international publications and positioned its CEO as an agribusiness expert on topics from food security to trade agreements. We launched AGCO’s Africa Summit, an annual conference bringing industry leaders and think tanks together to shape the future of agriculture in Africa.

AGCO has enjoyed continuous global media coverage, including NYSE Closing Bell, and international press events, from factory openings in China to round tables in South Africa and a Formula One race in Brazil. Both our PR work and annual report have won several industry awards, including Best Annual Report at the 2017 PRCA City & Financial Awards.