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AGCO – How do we create awareness for a significant investment opportunity?

To position AGCO as the parent company behind its successful brand portfolio and as a global leader in agricultural solutions. It was vital to show that modern agriculture was a smart investment and that agriculture equipment was high-tech.

We ran a global media relations programme that showcased the strengths of the business and the senior management team, positive coverage across broadsheets and broadcast enforcing the corporate messaging. We also collaborated across our global offices to pull together an Annual Report.

In North America, we organized a NYSE Closing Bell event to get attention within the financial community. We brought ‘agriculture’ to Wall Street: tractors were placed in front of the NYSE. They formed the backdrop for interviews and pictures. We set up several TV interviews with U.S. and international media on the trading floor. Pictures and video footage was used to feed social media channels.

We were initially hired for strategic communications & media relations in Europe. Today, our team also serves AGCO in North America, South America, Africa and APAC.

A successful media and networking day in New York with the Board of Directors, Senior Staff and Investors with coverage of the actual NYSE Bell Ringing across all key business TV channels.  The ‘Tractor at Wall Street’ images were also used for trade media to get special attention by placing a tractor outside of its traditional environment.

“Cooperating with Instinctif Partners in this important moment for the future business of AGCO was the right decision. The team have continuously proved to be a competent and well-connected partner.”
– Ulrich Stockheim, Global Head of Corporate Communications

“Congratulations on a fantastic annual report – great job! This one is a particularly good one – it looks great in print!”
– Paul Lay, PR Manager

Awarded SILVER for “Best Online Report (international/unlisted)” at Corporate & Financial Awards 2016

Awarded “Best Annual Report” at PRCA City & Financial Awards 2017