Risk, Issues & Crisis

March 25, 2019

Instinctif Partners Business Resilience launches CrisisCommsOptic


We are proud to announce the launch of CrisisCommsOptic, our crisis communications diagnostic tool. It is the latest product in our family of online diagnostic tools from our specialist Business Resilience team, alongside CrisisOptic and RecallOptic.

CrisisCommsOptic is a unique and powerful online benchmarking tool that quickly and effectively allows companies to quantify their crisis communications readiness.

The tool assesses preparedness across six key areas of crisis communications, covering resources, monitoring, stakeholders, spokespeople, templates and training. This assessment generates a bespoke CrisisCommsOptic dashboard, providing an accurate indicator of strengths and weaknesses in crisis communications. A tailored report on recommended activity is also produced, enabling resources to be focused on the most relevant areas.

Victoria Cross, Head of Instinctif Partners’ Business Resilience Practice, commented: “As social media becomes more and more embedded in our lives it is now often user-generated content which drives the pace of a crisis. This is why we are launching CrisisCommsOptic.

“Traditionally in crisis communications there was the idea of the golden hour, the time within which an organisation had the opportunity to define a story before misinformation and speculation filled the void. This soon became the platinum five minutes. Now, social media and the 24/7 global news cycle means organisations may have just a few seconds before public scrutiny comes to bear. Being prepared for communication in a crisis has never been more vital”.

For a limited period, we are offering companies the chance to use CrisisCommsOptic for free. To register please visit https://optic.instinctif.com/registration