July 24, 2018

World Cup 2018: Harnessing the power of a global moment in time


Every four years the World Cup reportedly captivates an impressive 3.5bn viewers, making it the most-watched sporting event of all time. For us in England, this year’s tournament sparked an atmosphere unlike any other. And despite our defeat to Croatia in the semi-final, the pride our country still feels is palpable, with hope carrying through in a way we’ve not seen for some time. People joined together with a shared purpose for a global moment in time. It captured our attention, sparked conversation and brought us closer to those around us.

In a digitally-obsessed world, where so many of our social interactions take place behind screens, bringing people together for physical, face-to-face experiences is more powerful than ever. In short, it allows us to make authentic, human connections and build rapport in a way which simply can’t be recreated online.

A lesson for employee engagement

So, what can we learn from the World Cup as engagement professionals? Firstly, global moments in time offer a unique opportunity to rally people around a shared purpose. For businesses, this means they’re a chance to galvanise support from your employees, by helping them to feel like they are part of something bigger. They also provide a moment of absolute focus, putting a spotlight on the issue at hand and creating the space for employees to direct their attention and energy towards it.

Moments in time also serve to create real, tangible connections between people. Whether it’s creating two-way dialogue between your employees and your leadership team, or building relationships and networks among colleagues, these kinds of events provide a common focus for discussion that will have your people carrying on the conversation at the water cooler for weeks afterwards.

Lastly, bringing employees together for a moment in time sends the signal that something important is happening. Investing in the employee experience lets people know that their involvement is critical for the business’ wider success. It also gives you the opportunity to gain early buy in to kick start anything from transformation to embedding a new strategy.

Here are our top three tips for hitting the right note with a global moment time. 

Make it personal

Create opportunities as part of your moment in time for senior management teams to engage colleagues in a proper two-way dialogue. Encourage leaders to be open and honest to make sure the experience feels authentic for your people. This not only helps increase leadership visibility, but also lets you capture ideas and feedback from your employees in real-time.

Make it hands on

Get your people involved. Crowd-source the agenda to gain early buy-in or invite a cross-section of employees to help shape the experience, ensuring you create a meaningful event which resonates with your people. Avoid filling the agenda with broadcast-style presentations and instead build sessions your people can actively participate in, like workshops or hackathons. This will help you gain support and get teams proactively thinking about what they need to do solve challenges or execute against what you’re asking of them.

Make the moment last

As your event comes to a close, the opportunity to connect with your employees isn’t over. Provide line managers with the tools to carry on the conversation in their teams. Spark chat on your internal social network. Share highlights and resources with the business, and regularly communicate how you’re putting what you heard into action. This is where you’ll turn thought into action, so make sure you keep the ball rolling.

Want to know more? Get in touch to find out how we can help you harness the power of a global moment in time, or to hear more about how we’ve already helped other big brands do the same.