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November 14, 2017

How will the German elections affect the UK and Brexit?


On 24th September, Germany took to the polls. A month on, initial talks to form a new coalition have begun. Although Angela Merkel and her conservative CDU/CSU group won the elections, they entered Parliament a weakened force after suffering severe losses.

While Merkel is sure to be re-elected as Chancellor, she now faces difficult coalition negotiations with only one feasible power option left on the table: a ‘Jamaica’ coalition of CDU/CSU, the Greens and FDP. Despite major differences on several issues, there is high pressure to come to an agreement.

A key question remains – what will the post-election changes for the Germany mean for the UK and Brexit?

In this in-depth interview, Warwick Smith, Senior Managing Partner of our Public Policy team in London asks Bernd Buschhausen, Policy Expert and Partner at Instinctif Partners in Berlin about the election result and its implications for the UK and Brexit negotiations. Click here for the full interview:

Brend Interview

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