Public Policy

June 28, 2019

The UK’s Future Prime Minister: An Analysis of the Conservative Leadership


For the second time in three years, the Conservative Party is holding a leadership election from which the winner becomes Prime Minister. As in 2016, Brexit is both the cause of the contest and the overwhelming issue for the candidates to wrestle with. Theresa May’s resignation followed multiple Parliamentary defeats for her Withdrawal Agreement, with the Government and Conservative Party split over Brexit, all whilst the clock ticks down to the revised exit date of October 31.

The two remaining candidates, Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt, are vying for around 160,000 votes of party members. Both have promised to deliver Brexit, but over the coming weeks, they need to establish their positions on a host of other topics.

To break it down, our Public Policy team have created a handy guide to show where the two leadership candidates stand on key issues.

Instinctif Conservative Analysis

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