Public Policy

November 29, 2019

The UK Votes: Week 4


With less than two weeks until the country goes to the polls, postal votes have started arriving in voters’ letterboxes across the country. As people start casting their votes Parliamentary candidates and volunteers are on doorsteps, on the phone and standing outside train stations in an attempt to talk to as many undecided and swing voters as possible. Polls released this week suggest a commanding lead for Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party but it’s still all to play for over the next 13 days.

100 years ago this week, the first woman to take her seat in the House of Commons was elected – Nancy Astor. She wasn’t the first woman elected, that honour goes to Constance Markievicz, a member of the abstentionist Sinn Fein. Between 1918 and 2019, 497 women have been elected the House of Commons – a number that will surely increase with a record number of women standing for Parliament. To mark the centenary of Astor’s election, former Prime Minister Theresa May this week unveiled a statue in her honour before Prime Minister Boris Johnson visited the memorial with the local Conservative candidate hoping, a century later, to succeed Astor and take a seat on the green benches.

As election day nears, and polls tighten, there’s a greater emphasis – especially in a world with 24/7 media and social media – on the actions of political leaders and Parliamentary candidates. Our team have had a look at who’s had a good week and who’s had a bad week.


Week that Was Week 4