Public Policy

November 15, 2019

The UK Votes: Week 2


With less than one month until the country goes to the polls, our Public Policy team have reflected on Week Two of the General Election campaign. Leaders of the major (and minor) parties have been touring the country talking to voters in key seats as the battle for No 10 heats up.

Where last week the Unite to Remain alliance saw the Liberal Democrats, the Greens and Plaid Cymru agree to stand aside for each other in some key seats, this week saw the Brexit Party announce it will not challenge the Conservatives in seats it won at the 2017 General Election. However, with the Government needing to win seats, it is not known whether this retreat in Tory-held seats will convince Leave supporters in Labour-held marginal seats to vote for the Conservatives, in some cases for the first time, in order to deliver Brexit.

Polls seem to indicate that the two major parties are pulling away from the Liberal Democrats and the minor parties as voters ask themselves the question: do they want Boris Johnson or Jeremy Corbyn to be Prime Minister?




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