Public Policy

December 3, 2019

UK General Election 2019: Housing Policy – How do the Conservative and Labour parties compare?


Whether you rent and are looking to buy, own your own home, are an investor or an empty nester looking to downsize, one of the key battlegrounds of this election is housing with both major parties trying to win over families and young people trying to buy their first home. Both leaders know they need to win votes across the country and across the political spectrum.

Housing is increasingly a big part of modern political discourse; the parties need messages – and commitments – that resonate with all in the market. The question is: have they struck the right balance?

Instinctif Partners works with clients across the built environment and property sectors including small and large-scale housing developments and affordable housing providers. With polls tightening and less than ten days until the country votes, our Public Policy team has looked at what the Conservative and Labour Parties are saying about the key issue of housing this election.

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