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February 25, 2021

Transformation & radical disruption Healthcare in 2021 and beyond


The world of health and healthcare is changing like never before, and this change will accelerate in the years ahead Despite the profound global damage caused by Covid-19, the pandemic has also stimulated and accelerated what can only be defined as a health revolution. The consequences of this revolution will be a fundamentally new and different perceptions, experiences and delivery of health and wellness in the years to come.

The future is always an elusive concept. Before Covid-19, the world was awash with the unexpected, as well as with a myriad of unintended consequences of simply living as we do (e.g. the ocean plastic crisis). Covid-19 has served to amplify and accelerate what we already have: a world that is a very ‘nervous’ system of interlocking factors. With this in mind, the aim here is not to go into the detail of what change will look like. There are too many variables at play to do that with any confidence. Instead, the focus will be on six macro ‘disruptions’ that will be crucial drivers of change within the broad sphere of health and healthcare:

1. Health Reframe

2. Tech Surge

3. Hybrid Wisdom

4. Content Culture

5. Uniquely Me

6. Rebel Branding

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